• An international student sat in Holland International Study Centre's shared space.

    5 benefits of studying business economics

    Posted 06 August 2021

    Studying business economics offers plenty of benefits, including career opportunities, job satisfaction and transferable skills. Discover more benefits of studying this innovative subject at university.


  • Holland ISC students collaborating in a cafe

    How to get a post-study work visa and work in the Netherlands after studying

    Posted 03 June 2021
    The Netherlands is a fantastic place to start your career, with excellent post-study work opportunities and a great lifestyle awaiting ambitious graduates. Learn more about how to get a post-study work visa in the Netherlands.


  • Study notes and pens on a laptop computer

    How I prepare for exams

    Posted 26 May 2021

    Maria from Colombia shares her helpful tips for revising and preparing for exams whilst studying the International Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Computing.


  • Two female students laughing together on campus at a university in the Netherlands. The sun is shining and there are trees in the background.

    Why study abroad in Amsterdam?

    Posted 15 April 2021
    Find out why Amsterdam is a fantastic place to be a student, from its friendly people to its highly-ranked universities.


  • Should I study abroad in Europe?

    Posted 04 February 2021

    By studying in Europe, you can benefit from an excellent education that can boost your career prospects, while also exploring an exciting new culture. Discover more benefits of studying abroad in Europe in this blog post.


  • A student holding a textbook on a staircase

    Should I study business analytics or data science?

    Posted 13 November 2020

    University degrees in business analytics and data science both teach you useful skills in order to develop your career, with many of the same techniques covered in both degrees. But what is the difference between data science and business analytics? And which should you study? Discover the differences in our helpful blog.


  • Circuit board assembly

    Why study computer science?

    Posted 11 September 2020

    Explore how humans interact with technology through the design and development of computer programs, systems and models. Find out more about this exciting field. 


  • Two students with laptop

    What can you do with a business analytics degree?

    Posted 04 August 2020

    Find out more about studying business analytics at university and job opportunities after you graduate. 


  • Benefits of studying mechanical engineering

    Posted 04 May 2020

    A career in mechanical engineering can be well-paid, stable and fascinating, along with offering plenty of global opportunities. Find out more about studying this subject.


  • Students working together

    8 reasons to study abroad

    Posted 06 March 2020

    Studying abroad offers many fantastic benefits, from providing travel opportunities and exploring new cultures, to helping to advance your future career and developing your language skills. Discover more reasons to study abroad here.


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