Benefits of studying International Business Administration (IBA)

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In today’s interconnected society it is essential to understand the world in an international context. Increasingly companies are looking for graduates who can solve cross-cultural problems and think on a global scale. With a degree in international business, you can follow a career in international management, finance, trade or a multinational company. 

What is International Business Administration?

International Business Administration focuses on key business disciplines within an international context. Introducing the foundations of finance, marketing, supply chains, human resources and operations, International Business Administration covers the needs of all businesses.

This degree develops a broad range of transferable skills, from research and planning to presenting and reporting, and prepares you for international management or consulting roles. 

Why study International Business Administration?

There are many benefits of studying International Business Administration: 

1. Gain an international perspective

You will study global challenges companies face, looking at international boundaries, trade, global economics and how to negotiate with diverse cultures. This approach to problem solving will broaden your world view and help you understand different perspectives. IBA is a popular degree among international students so even during your studies you will gain valuable experience of working with people from all over the world.  

2. Develop key management skills

Studying an international business administration degree involves working on individual and group projects, writing reports and presenting your ideas. You will develop essential management skills, such as:

  • leadership
  • strategic thinking
  • communication 
  • delegation
  • problem solving
  • decision making 
  • organisation 
  • presenting 
  • reporting.

3. Boost your employability

International Business Administration is a broad degree and introduces you to a range of skills that employers are looking for. As you progress through your degree programme you will begin to shape your course and specialise in the business functions you are most interested in. IBA graduates can look forward to a wide range of job opportunities in management, marketing, accounting, corporate finance, consultancy or even human resources.

4. Solve commercial challenges

Study business administration and you will analyse global and local business challenges and find strategic solutions. Through researching international markets and negotiating with other cultures and countries, you will develop the skills needed to follow a career in consultancy or management for a multinational company.

5. Build your business knowledge

How to manage diverse teams, improve financial performance, research international competitors and redesign business processes are just some examples of what you’ll learn during an IBA. This core knowledge is essential to the running of any business, and you will further develop your skills through elective modules in key areas.

Degree preparation

The International Foundation Year in Business, Economics and Social Sciences will prepare you for studying IBA at one of our partner universities in Holland. Find out about modules, assessment, term dates and degrees you can progress to after this course.

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Why study IBA in Holland?

International community 

Holland is a popular choice for international students, with 100,000 choosing to study here every year. For IBA students, the international classroom is a familiar environment and courses are designed to develop cross-cultural skills. Working in multicultural teams and listening to diverse opinions is ideal preparation for the world of work. 

Degrees taught in English

Dutch universities offer degrees taught in English so there are plenty of options for students interested in studying abroad. Universities also have strong industry connections, giving you the opportunity to work with real businesses and develop transferable skills.

Exchanges around the world

Many universities offer international exchanges or a semester abroad after the first two years of your degree. For example, International Business Administration at Tilburg University gives students the choice of international destinations such as Hong Kong, Australia and Italy. At Tilburg, students also benefit from one of the biggest annual recruitment events in Holland – Business weeks Tilburg – linking students to multinational companies. 

International exchanges provide an ideal opportunity for you to experience another culture during your studies and impresses future employers. If you want to study IBA in Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam offers students the chance to spend a semester at one of their partner universities, such as University of Sydney, University of Leeds or University of Illinois.

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IBA at VU Amsterdam

Build your business network 

University is the perfect place to start building your business network. You will be learning from lecturers with experience in their fields, make valuable connections during internships and meet classmates who have ambitions for high-flying careers. Be sure to make the most of career services on campus where experienced advisors can guide you on your career direction.  Look out for networking opportunities such as the Business Experience Days at VU Amsterdam where companies deliver presentations and workshops for students.

Your pathway to IBA

Holland International Study Centre can help you get the grades you need to study IBA in Holland. Choose the International Foundation Year in Business, Economics and Social Sciences for progression to: VU Amsterdam or Tilburg University.