How I prepare for exams

Posted 26 May 2021
Study notes and pens on a laptop computer

Maria from Colombia shares her helpful tips for revising and preparing for exams whilst studying the International Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Computing.

When it comes to exams season, it can often seem to be stressful and time consuming – but I know that preparing appropriately is the key to achieving my desired grades. It all starts with distributing and organising my revision time from the beginning of the term. In that way, I will have sufficient time during the weeks to prepare and I will not be stressed with all my work being piled up in the end.

One of my best approaches for achieving this is to review the new content and test myself with brief quizzes every week. Besides having this regular revision, I make sure to have a complete understanding of the topic by associating new concepts with previous knowledge.

After I have seen all the content of the course, I make my own summary flashcards by hand – which helps me to remember the concepts that were learned even at the beginning. On these flashcards I attempt to include as many graphs and representations of the ideas as possible, with a range of different eye catching colours.

Subsequently, I try to teach the material as it forces me to understand the concepts more deeply. Although lately I am mostly alone as other people are busy, so it is not possible to teach it to someone else. For this reason, I explain everything to my inanimate study buddy, Kevin. I have had great study times with my buddy, as he is patient and does not interrupt me – and the best thing is that he is always available to help!

On the day of the exam I always have a good night's sleep, have a very nutritious breakfast and activate my brain by doing some exercise. Lastly, I arrive with plenty of time before the exam, to be relaxed and focused on the topics I have studied sufficiently.

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