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  • Circuit board assembly

    Why study computer science?

    Posted 11 September 2020

    Explore how humans interact with technology through the design and development of computer programs, systems and models. Find out more about this exciting field. 


  • Two students with laptop

    What can you do with a business analytics degree?

    Posted 04 August 2020

    Find out more about studying business analytics at university and job opportunities after you graduate. 


  • Benefits of studying mechanical engineering

    Posted 04 May 2020

    A career in mechanical engineering can be well-paid, stable and fascinating, along with offering plenty of global opportunities. Find out more about studying this subject.


  • Students working together

    8 reasons to study abroad

    Posted 06 March 2020

    Studying abroad offers many fantastic benefits, from providing travel opportunities and exploring new cultures, to helping to advance your future career and developing your language skills. Discover more reasons to study abroad here.


  • Holland ISC Economics student

    Why study economics?

    Posted 16 September 2019

    There are many reasons to study economics at university and many reasons you should choose to study it in Holland. From gaining highly transferable skills to studying in the sixth largest economy in the eurozone, discover more about studying economics in Holland.


  • Three international students stand and talk outside the Holland International Study Centre

    Why study a foundation course?

    Posted 08 August 2019

    A foundation course will help you develop your confidence and English language skills before you start an undergraduate degree. Discover more reasons why you should study a foundation year here.


  • Fakhri studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Benefits of studying International Business Administration (IBA)

    Posted 16 January 2019

    IBA teaches you to understand business functions in an international context. Find out why students study International Business Administration and where this degree can take you.


  • Alumna tells us her experience studying in Holland

    Elmira's alumni story

    Posted 23 October 2018

    Elmira from Azerbaijan graduated with a BSc in International Business, having studied the International Foundation Year at Holland International Study Centre.


  • Five unusual attractions in Rotterdam

    Posted 12 March 2018

    Discover why Holland’s second largest city, Rotterdam, is a fantastic place to be a student.


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