Why study a foundation course?

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What is a foundation course?

A foundation course is a programme that will prepare you for an undergraduate degree at university. They are specifically designed for international students who want to study abroad, such as in Europe or the USA.

Studying a foundation course will help you attain the correct level of qualifications and skills to pursue a degree at university - it will also help students who require additional English language support. A foundation year is usually available as a three-term programme which is made up of academic modules and specific modules related to your chosen subject.

What is a foundation year equivalent to?

A foundation year bridges the gap if you don’t have the right qualifications to go straight on to an undergraduate degree programme. It provides a broad introduction to subjects of your choice and helps you gain valuable academic, study and English language skills.

A foundation year differs from a foundation degree. A foundation degree is a qualification equivalent to two years of a three-year undergraduate degree, while a foundation year gives you the academic and English skills to progress on to an undergraduate degree.

What foundation courses can I study?

At Holland International Study Centre you can choose between one International Foundation Year route that will lead to various universities in Holland:

Business, Economics and Social Sciences International Foundation Year - will prepare you for a range of business and social science-related degrees, such as BSc International Business Administration.

Benefits of studying a foundation course

Tailored for international students

A foundation programme is designed to address the needs of international students looking to study abroad. It helps assure that students are academically and personally ready to progress to an English-taught degree at a university in Holland. It helps students build the confidence they need to succeed as well as tackle the unique challenges international students face, such as adjusting to a new culture. The small class sizes and teachers experienced in working with students with an international background will also provide you with the support you need when learning abroad.

Improve your English language skills

Studying in English may be quite daunting if you're not used to speaking English every day. English language training is one of the key aspects of studying a foundation programme. The course will help you develop the required English speaking skills to, not only progress to university but communicate in everyday life. An Academic English Skills module will ensure you reach the required level of English and are proficient in reading, writing, listening and speaking so you can have a successful future at university. You will also develop your academic writing, presentation skills and the ability to contribute in group discussions, so you will know what to expect when you start your degree.

Bridge the gap between school and university

Education standards differ around the world, from teaching methods to qualifications. Foundation courses at Holland International Study Centre are designed to get all students up to the required standard for an undergraduate degree. This includes building your knowledge on the subject you want to study through the subject-specific modules. While the core modules will allow you to gain an understanding of the wider context of your chosen focus area. You will be taught in a similar environment to what you will experience at university to help you adjust to university-style learning.

Time to adjust in a supportive environment

Deciding to study abroad is a big decision, but arriving before you start a university degree can give you time to adjust and settle into academic and everyday life. You will be able to get used to university teaching methods, make friends, get used to your new home and take in the surrounding culture in a supportive environment. Teachers at the International Study Centre will help you ease into studying abroad, ensuring you feel confident and ready to start your undergraduate degree.

Why study a foundation course in Holland?

Holland makes an ideal destination to study abroad. It has world-ranking universities that offer internationally recognised degrees and you will get to study in a multicultural environment, surrounded by fellow international students. It also offers reasonably priced tuition fees when compared with the USA, Canada and the UK.

With English speaking courses, high-quality teaching and fantastic travel opportunities, Holland is an ideal place for your international education. Discover more about studying in Holland.

Find out more about studying at the Holland International Study Centre and the entry requirements you will need to meet.