Why study abroad in Amsterdam?

Three students on an Amsterdam bridge.

One of the best-loved and most-visited European capitals, Amsterdam is an amazing place to be a student. As well as being beautiful, with historic waterfront buildings and famous parks, Amsterdam is also packed with culture and events, meaning you will never be bored. It is home to a multicultural population and many students, so you’ll be sure to feel welcome. English is spoken here, as well as Dutch, so it’s a great opportunity to practise your language skills.

Benefits of studying in Amsterdam

From its friendly people to its world-leading universities, there are many reasons to choose Holland:

Lots to see and do

There is loads to explore here with your new friends. Amsterdam is bursting with culture, from its annual festivals to its world-renowned museums and art galleries, like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh gallery. There are also many historic markets, including the Albert Cuyp Market and the Waterlooplein. These are great places to try delicious food and pick up clothes and other essentials at cheap prices. Cycling is a national obsession, and renting a bike is one of the best ways to get around Amsterdam.

Practise your English

English is commonly spoken in the Netherlands, and things like road signs and menus are translated so that you can find your way around. Many of its universities teach courses in English too. Living here gives you a great opportunity to perfect your English, which is a great tool for your future life and career. You could choose to also learn Dutch, which is spoken by around 24 million people worldwide.

A great place to start your career

Dutch employers are very welcoming to international graduates and the post-study work visa means you can have a year to find work in the Netherlands after you graduate. You are then free to stay and work here as long as you like.

Over 800 companies (over 50% of them international) are based in the Zuidas, Amsterdam’s main business district. Multinational companies include ABN AMRO, Akzo Nobel, Google and Accenture.

Feel welcome

The Netherlands, and especially Amsterdam, is a diverse, open-minded place which attracts people from all around the world. The locals have a liberal, friendly attitude so you can enjoy just being yourself! You will find it easy to make friends here.

Easy to navigate

Amsterdam is a relatively small city which is easy to find your way around, so you will soon feel at home here. If you want to live like a true local, get around the city by cycling. There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam! The Student Hotel – your home while you’re at Holland International Study Centre – includes free bike rental in your monthly fee.

Feel safe

According to The Economist, Amsterdam is the 6th safest major city in the world and number 1 in Europe. It has a low crime rate and is a generally peaceful place to live.

Great location for exploring

Whether you’d like to travel near home or abroad while studying, Amsterdam is a great base. It is easy to get around on public transport and the Netherlands and great cities like Utrecht or Haarlem are both less than an hour away. The train to Paris takes just a few hours – or you could catch the Eurostar to London or Brussels. You can also fly to countries in Europe and beyond from Schiphol International Airport.

High quality of education

The Netherlands has a long history of higher education and its universities are some of the best in the world. Most of the Dutch Universities are highly ranked and globally recognised. Earning a degree from one of these will help get you noticed by employers.

Study abroad in Amsterdam at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Study at Holland International Study Centre and progress to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Founded in 1880, VU was ranked 116th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021. It is based in Amsterdam’s thriving business district and is a place where new ideas and freedom of expression are treasured.

Your pathway to a university in Holland

Our pathway programmes at Holland International Study Centre prepare you for university-level study. You will learn English and practise your study skills alongside teaching on your chosen subject. Live and study in a supportive environment, surrounded by other international students, and get ready to start your degree with confidence.