Business and Management foundation for UAS

Preparation for Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Study this two-term foundation to gain the preparation you need for the BA International Business and Management Studies degree at Hanze University of Applied Sciences (UAS).

You will develop your academic study skills, English language, employability skills and knowledge of relevant academic subjects to prepare you for degree-level studies in Holland. You will also gain an invaluable understanding of Dutch university teaching and grading systems so you know what to expect. 

Fast-track to degree success

This foundation starts in January and is just two terms rather than our standard three-term programme. This means, once you successfully complete this foundation and achieve the required grades, you will be ready to start your university degree studies in September of that same year. 


The foundation is formed of modules. You'll be monitored, through continuous coursework and end-of-term or end-of-module assessments, to ensure you stay on track. Your continuous coursework includes a series of presentations and extended essays.


Core modules

The Academic English Skills module provides thorough training in the English language and related academic skills to prepare you for degree-level study at university. You will develop your academic writing, effective reading strategies, presentation skills, note taking, essay writing and ability to contribute in group discussions. This module will ensure you reach the required level in reading, writing, listening and speaking in order to progress to your chosen university.

The University and Career Skills module is designed to introduce students to the key requirements and expectations within the Dutch Higher Education system, as well as the international work environment. It is designed to facilitate the development of key research and employability skills through authentic projects, giving the students real-world skills that will enhance both their university and professional careers.

You will have a personal tutor who supports your personal development and can help resolve any issues related to life away from home, preparation for the academic world, adapting to independent learning and making the most of extracurricular activities. You will have one-to-one meetings at least once a term to assess your attendance, academic performance and to generally support your experience at the Holland International Study Centre.

Route modules

Develop a basic level of mathematics and understand graphs and functions. This module covers algebra, drawing and interpreting graphs and applying mathematical concepts to real-world situations. 

This module gives a solid introduction to one-dimensional calculus. The module starts with a relative informal treatment of limits and convergence, after which the definition of the derivative is explained from first principles and used to differentiate a few basic functions. You will learn to differentiate power functions, exponential functions and logarithmic functions, as well as to apply the sum rule, product rule, quotient rule and chain rule. 

Gain an introduction to the principles, concepts and models of microeconomic analysis. Learn how to apply your knowledge and understand data analysis and evaluate economic issues. You will be able to analyse and apply economic principles and use data analysis techniques.

You will learn and apply the principles, concepts and models of macroeconomic analysis by providing a framework to analyse economic trends. Topics include gross domestic product, price indexes, unemployment, inflation, economic growth, fiscal and monetary policy and international economy.

You will be introduced to the basic principles of marketing, exploring the marketing environment, customer behaviour, segmentation, customer insights, data collection, brand strategies and channels.

Progression degrees

Once you successfully complete your foundation and achieve the required academic grades, you can progress to one of the following degrees:

 Degree Award  University 
International Business  BBA  Hanze University of Applied Sciences 
Key facts 

Start: January (or start in September for one term English Language Preparation

Length: Two terms

Term dates: 

January 2020
Term 1: 03/01/2020-27/03/2020
Term 2: 06/04/2020-26/06/2020

Entry requirements


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I think the placement really helped me to figure out what I wanted to do for my specialisation and future career.

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